Dissertation writing is quite interesting. It empowers you with the knowledge on a certain topic which can be useful for you later in your career too. But along with dissertation writing comes meeting the deadlines so you can score better. There are assignment help services that can offer guidance on writing a dissertation, but if you are working part-time, then you need to be more proactive with your regular routine. This way, you can give a satisfactory performance at the job while finishing a quality dissertation on time. Instead of putting the unnecessary burden of achieving a target on yourself, here are some smart ways by which you can finish your assignment and work at the same time.

The sooner, the better

Early morning can be the best time to finish a major work, and that too actively. If you cover half of your dissertation writing before going to your job, then a major hustle gets fulfilled right there. You might want to consider the option of finishing the dissertation early in the morning may be by getting up around 5 am, which is said to be the most productive time. You can use this time strictly for the dissertation with complete focus and peace. Without any rush to reach the office, you get ample time to complete a major number of tasks in the first half of the day.

Avoid working at lunchtime

There is a reason why lunchtime is called the break hours. You should give yourself some time off so it can reboot itself and start working afresh. The break and lunch hours should be entirely given up to give your body better power, so it stays active for the rest of the time. Let your break times be the time for you no matter what. If your break time is of 20 minutes, then you must give the whole 20 minutes to your brain and body to relax and reboot in a way.

One day of a weekend can be chosen for studies

For part-time employees, surely there must be a weekend off out of which they can manage to give one entire day to finishing up the dissertation. Commit one of those weekends entirely to studying and researching the dissertation topic that you are working on. Sit for at least 6 hours straight so you can finish your work in no time and the best part is you will have completed another day off from work and studies to give yourself a time of leisure which is equally needed too.

Don’t just stay awake all night?

This is like ruining your hard work for the entire day because your mind needs some time off, and if you just constantly keep working, probably, you are not given sufficient time to relax. Working throughout the day must have already drained your mind and body, and if you work at night as well, then you are putting more pressure on yourself. Instead, sleep early and get up early, and you shall see the difference of working with a full swing.


Dissertation writing is a part of assignment tasks which often tutors give during the student’s academic career. If a student is working part-time, then the situation could be that the person needs to focus more on not just achieving the deadline at studies but also ensuring the time management at the job is followed too. Above shared ideas can help you manage both without stressing out yourself, and thus you will be encouraged to grow more and better without any hurdles at all.